Virtual Administrative Alliance was brought to fruition in early 2002. The exciting profession of Virtual Assisting presented itself as a leading-edge career path – enabling me to couple my vast experience with my personal drive and desire to run my own business.

I’ve been in the administration field for 13 + years, with 8 + years diversified executive assistant experience within an international financial institution.

I am an extremely motivated, highly-skilled administrative professional who is dedicated to building long-term, collaborative partnerships with my clients. By learning my client’s business, I will be able to alleviate the administrative tasks associated with running a business, therefore allowing them to:

* Have increased energy to devote to growing their business – resulting in increased productivity
* Have more time to focus on what they love and do best
* Develop a better work/life balance and harmony
*Depend on administrative support without having to hire a full-time employee – They don’t deal with burdensome tax issues, medical benefits, office space and payroll obligations, etc.

*The Virtual Assistant (VA) and client relationship requires a level of commitment and desire from both parties to give their best to the relationship, to unite talents and strengths for the benefit of the business owner.

My goal is to become my clients’ Administrative Ally!