Virtual Assisting… Changing the world of conventional administrative support!!

With the advent of the internet and the revolutionary trend towards remote working,
the walls of business have begun to fade away.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a home-based professional who utilizes modern technology to provide almost any administrative service an on-site employee can do – without needing to be physically present in the same office, city or even country.

A VA is a freelance personal or administrative assistant who telecommutes to work for you. By building long-term, collaborative partnerships, a Virtual Assistant is dedicated to learning their client’s business and assist in achieving their business goals!

Who could benefit from hiring a VA?

* Self-employed entrepreneurs
* small business owners/consultants/coaches
* business people “on the road”

What are the benefits?

By alleviating the administrative tasks associated with running a business (Tasks such as: schedule management, document production, office management, event planning, travel planning, public relations), a client will benefit from the services of a VA by allowing them to :

* Have increased energy to devote to growing their business
* Manage their time more efficiently and productively
* Achieve a healthy work/life balance
* Depend on administrative support without having to hire a full-time
employee. No need to deal with burdensome tax issues, medical benefits,
office space and payroll obligations, etc.

Think of the savings:

* No office space to rent

* No recruiting, hiring or training

* No additional payroll overhead

* No additional benefits or insurance

* No additional equipment to purchase or maintain

For a more detailed list of services and key benefits I can provide, please refer to the SERVICES page on my web site.

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